How To Find A Good Dentist?

Is Your Dentist the Right Fit for You?

Read this before you call your dentist!

You will save yourself a lot of pain and wasted time and money if you read and follow these guidelines.

01. Does your dentist or dental hygienist spend enough time explaining things or answering your questions?

It is a long term relationship you are building with your dental care team. Don’t underestimate this overall caring atmosphere

02. Do they have dedicated dental hygienist giving periodontal therapy?

This is not a deal breaker, but dentist are generally more focused on higher production procedures than cleaning. So you will generally have better quality care from your dental hygienist

03. Do they take routine x-rays at least once a year?

It is the most important tool in diagnosing problems in dentistry. It is like going somewhere without a navigation if your dentist is doing treatments without proper x-rays.

04. Do they take routine periodontal charting at least once a year?

Number one reason for tooth loss is periodontal disease. Periodontal charting is the proper way of diagnosing your gum disease and it should be done routinely. Gum disease is considered to be linked to cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, infections, and many other unknown issues with body.

05. Do the employees, their family members, and friends get their dental services from there?

This is a good indicator that the dentist’s workmanship is very good if not top notch. The employees see the work everyday so it says a lot from their actions.

06. Does your dental staff all friendly and enjoy working there?

It is a stressful experience to have your teeth worked on. Let’s not add to that pain by having grumpy people work on you.

07. Do they have good reviews and steady increase in numbers of reviews?

It is a good idea to listen to what other patients are saying about them. Also help out your caring dentist by leaving a good review if you had a good experience. A few helpful comments will help as well.

08. Do they push you to accept treatment or the treatment plan differs from what was originally explained by the dentist or dental hygienist?

Dentist are not non-profit organization. They have to generate revenue to stay in business. Regardless, the staff need to speak the same language as the doctor or dental hygienist. Run away as fast you can if the they are pushy or significantly changes the proposed treatment plans in order to sell you services that you dont need.

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